Lidl - Carbon farmers

Fifteen farmers will receive support over the next five years to become "carbon farmers". In doing so, they will adapt their methods in order to sequester as much CO2 as possible in the soil. They can earn money by selling the CO2 in the form of "carbon credits".

  • Objective: To launch a Carbon Farming model for farmers in Belgium to ensure carbon storage.
  • Approach: In order to store carbon in the soil, we must motivate farmers to do so. Within the Carbon Farmers project, LIDL, Bodemkundige Dienst van België, Boerennatuur Vlaanderen, Boerenbond and Rikolto are joining forces.

We do this by guiding farmers and working out a revenue model for Carbon Farming. They receive financial support for their efforts and farmers are reinforced with knowledge. That knowledge comes from two directions: farmers learn from us and we learn from farmers.



1/1/2022 - 31/12/2026
Bodemkundige Dienst