Boerenbond is the professional organization for every agricultural entrepreneur in Flanders and East Belgium. With our local and regional board members and a strong team of experts, we bring our 16,000 members together to work – in dialogue with society – for a robust and sustainable agricultural and horticultural sector with a future.

Day in, day out… for all farmers and horticulturists

Small and large companies, regardless of their subsector, production or distribution method: we are there for everyone. Every day we commit ourselves to the thousands of farmers and horticulturists, who in turn ensure every day that we can all consume fresh and safe food and enjoy flowers, plants and trees produced to the highest standards in the world. And on top of that, they provide the most beautiful landscapes and nature to cycle through, and they produce sustainable energy.

Boerenbond… champions, trains, innovates, connects and advises

We are the main advocate for agriculture and horticulture in Flanders and East Belgium. As a partner to farmers and horticulturalists, policy makers and the general public, we develop solutions to ensure that agriculture and horticulture remains a strong and resilient sector. And we are continuously work on the social support that is needed for the sector, now and in the future.

In addition, we offer our members support through training, networking and professional advice on a wide range of topics.

New opportunities, techniques and business models

We are also a pacesetter for innovation in agriculture and horticulture and invest heavily in tools and instruments to stimulate innovations in agriculture. We participate in various innovative projects that create new opportunities, techniques and business models and look for feasible solutions to the challenges of our sector.

Boerenbond uses these projects as a source of inspiration for future-oriented advocacy, training and advice for our members. Don’t forget to take a look at our special projects page on our website!

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