[English] Boerenbond: unacceptable that Europe allows its floriculture sector to bleed to death!

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Last week, Boerenbond called on European Agriculture Commissioner Wojciechowski to foresee European crisis measures, especially and very urgently for the floriculture sector.

The loss of their market as a result of the Corona measures is a true disaster for the sector. It is therefore incomprehensible that European Commissioner Wojciechowski does not take measures to support the sector. We will keep him to his word and expect decisive action. Waiting is not an option, says Boerenbond in a press release today.

All agricultural and horticultural sectors in Belgium are experiencing difficulties due to the Corona crisis. Some sectors have a great shortage of labour, others experience logistical delays and the faltering economy results into pressure on prices in all sectors. But of all sectors, the floriculture sector is on the verge of collapsing, due to the disappearance of both the domestic and foreign market. Earlier this week in the run-up to the European Agriculture Council, Boerenbond and AVBS called on European Commissioner for Agriculture Wojciechowski to ensure the functioning of the internal market and the free passage of raw materials, agricultural products and seasonal workers, in addition to monitoring market developments in all sectors and, if necessary, to take measures. For the floriculture sector in particular, we demanded immediate action to be taken.

At the European Agriculture Council, which took place today, no further measures were announced. For the time being, the European Commission appears to limit itself to monitoring the market situation only. “However, we have made it very clear what the direct loss is for the floriculture sector and what the future looks like for the affected companies. And it is far from rosy. Claims settlement is now a matter of survival for this sector. Europe can take responsibility for this under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The current European negligence in this matter is causing the floriculture sector to literally bleed to death. We therefore call on the European and Flemish authorities to take swift measures to save the floriculture sector. ", said Boerenbond president Sonja De Becker.